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But God…

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9 NIV

Our first date at karaoke… only 2 weeks later because of my work schedule…

God is good right? I mean, I never realized above and beyond anything I could think or imagine was really something I could put my faith and trust in – but He is so good and he blows my mind every day. 

I got lost in His goodness and life recently, you may have noticed no blogs for half a year. But if I told you I met a man, got married, got pregnant, and bought a house – could you blame me? 

So let’s back up. I was whole-heartedly putting my faith in Jesus and heard a calling to write for Him. Make a blog, make a YouTube, make a speaking career to help women pursue their faith along with mental and physical well-being. Quite a calling, and I was so entirely up for it. I had met so many cool people in the secular business world egging me on, and so many cool people in the faith that were just as eager to have me win. 

So imagine my surprise when my slightly passive attempts (after another 5-month long failure) actually wrought fruit? I was actively engaged in my church and working towards really starting a group and volunteering to help the women’s ministry when I also heard wind of a 30s and 40s unmarried group. If you know anything about this world and churches – your church needs this group. Even if it was, as we had, several churches joining together, your elder unmarrieds need a group to call their own to find those of the faith, growing in their faith, who also enjoy doing the same things now and again. 

I didn’t necessarily fit in, nor was I very graceful in this season of life. I was still slowly recovering from 6 fractures in my right foot and I was pretty unhappy with the entire process. I had separated from a lot of friends and lost a friendship I thought was budding into something more. I regret to say that alcohol ran my life again, and 31 was looking more and more like 24 – no direction, just trying to get through each day. 

But God. But God knew who and what I needed and said, go. After one or two nights (every other Thursday), I realized that I much more enjoyed the Biblical studies instead of the social gatherings. And though I spoke joyfully with everyone (hopefully that’s what it looked like externally), I was beginning to think that this wasn’t my group either. Though I loved what the women’s ministry was doing and I loved our pastor and his vision for the church, there wasn’t much keeping me going besides my calling to write a blog and speak into the lives of other young-in-faith women. 

But God has perfect timing, His timing. Another go, another wait. Another go, another disappointment. Until one night, haphazardly (and tipsy), I sat next to my friend to my left and a tall, hazel-eyed, rough-handed man to my right. And that, that was the beginning of a tremendous summer. 

I’d love to hear how God is working in your life – or what you’re faithfully waiting for!