End of Your Year: How-To Write and Review

End of Your Year: How-To Write and Review

There are several leaders that’ll tell you to review everything – especially teaching how to write an end of the year review. I’ve read that John C Maxwell takes a full week to digest what he’s done and what he still needs to do in the coming year. This year I read about a letter to yourself (Amanda Montalvo, RD, FDN-P) in a review of 6 areas of life for what was done well and what needs to be prioritized to make your next letter have loftier goals.

What I like to do is the best of all worlds – I do enjoy journaling for multiple reasons, hence, a blog. But there are a lot of upsides to putting your thoughts, feelings, and mentality to review and write your end of the year review on paper. They become real and also separate from your ego. Then you can reflect without judgment or pride on what this person did on paper and what you, with the values you hold and your dreams for the future, would say to a friend who just handed you their dairy for review.

Since my life goals are focused around well-being (ie, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial well-being), I took the areas-review approach and scrolled through my calendar (or pictures or instagram if that’s where you chronologically record your life) and separated all the good and perhaps, not so good, memories from 2021. I may not write to 2023 Mary Alice, but I will journal what I need to do more and less of to make 2022 my most favorite year… so far (quote the Simpsons movie, the only Simpsons thing I’ve actually liked).

Not to get too personal, because I can and I will in any given circumstance, I’d like to share my top 3 to-dos and top 3 to avoids based on my end of the year review. Whatever resonates, I do hope you resolve to do more things you love in the coming year (and why not start now?) I think my biggest lesson though, was that life is too short to ignore love and peace for anxiety and fear – success will come, or it won’t, and I need to be content that I cannot mess up His Will for my life so badly that He can’t make it right in His Timing. <- I’d love your opinion on this!

In 2022:

To Do:
Trust Him with my money
Trust Him with my heart
Trust Him with my body

To Avoid:
Losing sleep to grind on my own strength
Losing myself in addictions
Losing control and injuring my precious body

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When thinking and writing your end of year review, remember each “do good only life” moment that would allow Jesus to shine through you. Then resolve to do more next year!

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